How to increase your sales?

To increase sales you should have more information about your customers. SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) is a solution that goes beyond the traditional approach, allowing full integration with full visibility of your customers, for effective monitoring, which supports, promotes and grow your business.



Why C4C?

Leads, opportunities, activities, among others, are similar in CRMs; however, C4C represents great advantages as it works "stand-alone" and / or can be integrated with SAP ERP or any other ERP available ERP.

C4C is the best choice for your sales target planning, monitoring of sales revenue and ROI tracking marketing campaigns. Besides all the advantages of having a cloud-based solution.



Why NB Team?

More tan 10 year of experience.

SAP Gold Partner since 2007

Best Selling SAP® Partner in the Caribbean during the 2013 and 2014

More tan 100 consultants



Is it affordable?

Definitely.For a monthly fee per user, you could have C4C, without having to spend large amounts of money as in conventional projects.


C4C, no implementation costs, to support the growth of your company.