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BambooHR is the leading online HR software provider helping small and medium businesses elevate the value of their HR function. BambooHR’s intuitive interface, streamlined implementation process and responsive support team make it an obvious choice for HR software!

BambooHR collects and organizes all the information you gather throughout the employee life cycle, then helps you use it to achieve great things. Whether you’re hiring, onboarding, preparing compensation, or building culture, BambooHR gives you the time and insights to focus on your most important asset—your people.



bambooHR is the best human resources management software in Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Miami. Manage all human resources data with BambooHR. Recruitment, on-boarding, payroll, health benefits.

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  • People and Data Analytics 
  • Hiring 
  • Onboarding
  • Compensation
  • Culture 

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