Travel and Expense

The Concur Travel and Expense solution help you manage processes such as planning, booking, and redemption of investment, in addition to analyze the costs and obtain reports for better control and decision making.


Concur and NBTeam Make Your Trip More Enjoyable.

Forget the tedious process of creating and reviewing expense reports. Save time and increase your visibility with a single click.

• Create and submit expense reports anytime, anywhere.

• Book flights, trains, cars and hotels, all from your mobile device.

• Stay productive on the road; snap photos of receipts, attach the images to expenses, and toss away the piles of paper.

Travel & Expense: better together
Save time. Save money. Gain control.

Real Benefits

  • More and better visibility of your travel expenses in real time
  • Simplification of planning, booking and reimbursement
  • Reduction of time and cost analysis of receipts and shipments of expense reports
  • Full control of your expenses through your mobile device
  • Automation allows you to make payments and reimbursements fastest way

The Travel and Expense solution helps you manage travel expenses without additional hardware or services of extensive and costly implementation.

Simplify processes. Submit, view and approve expenses from your mobile device while dealing with growing your business.

Greater efficiency,
smaller investment

So simple, so fast

See how you can change the way you do business with Travel and Expense.

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Speed automation, standardization of processes and efficiency in travel expense reports with a simple solution based on the cloud

Organize and control the way you travel, while focusing
on growing your business.

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