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Nespresso: Selling the Perfect Coffee Experience with SAP® Cloud for Sales

Thu, 11/05/2015 - 12:44

Nespresso: Selling the Perfect Coffee Experience with SAP® Cloud for Sales

Millions of people wake up and have a Nespresso SAP® Cloud for Sales creates the perfect buying experience.


The Nespresso story began in 1986 with a simple but revolutionary idea: anyone should be able to make the perfect cup of coffee. Since then, Nespresso has revolutionized the way millions of people enjoy espresso. With the SAP® Cloud for Sales solution, Nespresso extends this premium experience by understanding and engaging consumers. Sales teams have grown revenue and built a loyal international customer base on the philosophy that the perfect customer experience and the perfect coffee experience are one and the same.


Nespresso• Target and acquire new customers

• Better navigate complex, multichannel buying processes

• Equip both enterprise and retail sales representatives to understand customer needs, present unique solutions, and execute more effectively

• Deliver the perfect coffee purchase experience

Why SAP® Cloud for Sales

• Deep customer insight across the enterprise and via social media and other external sources

• Full-featured, cloud-based sales solution that includes retail execution

• Ability to orchestrate the complete buying cycle, including pricing, quotes, orders, and more

• “Consumerized” user experience that sales representatives love.


• Ensures the perfect coffee experience for both consumers and business customers

• Increases penetration into net-new markets

• Achieves high sales, user adoption, improved sales productivity, and business visibility

• Enables a holistic view of the customer across all channels and systems

• Provides new capabilities, thanks to a fast fourweek delivery and rapid innovation cycles

Future plans

Link the online coffee subscription channel to SAP® Cloud for Sales and customer service systems, creating a smooth, multichannel experience across the entire customer journey.




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