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The Home of the future

Tue, 11/27/2018 - 12:12

How many devices do you have connected to the internet? A decade ago this answer could be one or possibly two, if you were one of those who had the latest telephone technology of the moment, but today if we ask ourselves this question we will probably answer: a computer, two or three telephones, depending on the size of the family , a smart TV, a video game console and even an intelligent freezer.

Internet of thingsIf we project into the future we could estimate that by the year 2020 there will be fifty billion things or devices connected to the Internet, also according to the US Census Bureau estimates that by that time there will be 7.6 billion people on the planet, which means that for each person there will be around 6.6 devices connected to the internet. This translates into a world surrounded by billions of sensors that are obtaining information from devices or real things and then uploading them to the internet. It is a world that transforms the environment in which you live as you walk through it, since there are technologies that we are not aware of that monitor every movement we make, it is a world that is constantly changing and being molded thanks to these sensors in the internet and this is what we call The Internet of Things (IoT).

Close your eyes and imagine that we arrived in our room in the future, immediately after entering this room identifies us and accesses a base of profiles and preferences in the cloud where you find things like temperature, music, lighting. This room knows if we had a long day at work just to access the calendar of our phone or if it was stressful and you need reassurance, which is getting information from the biological sensors of heart rate and blood pressure that we have in our watches and stops play the music you normally hear and automatically start playing more relaxing music on the smart computer. From climatological sensors that are outside or even in your clothes you can know if it was snowing and start heating the room before you arrive.

Apparently this has no limits since every day more and more things can be connected to the internet and we will live in a world with servers full of data, reacted to us and changing in moments depending on our needs at that moment, this is more than technology , this alters our reality of how we perceive the world and everything is controlled by The Internet of Things (IoT).

We leave you this link with a video to extend a little more your knowledge about The Internet of Things (IoT)


Written by NBTEAM