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Since 2005, we specialize in delivering customized solutions that align with your business objectives, ensuring seamless processes and sustainable growth.

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Proven Methodologies

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We don't just provide services; we are a partner you can trust to walk with you every step of the journey. Our passion for excellence and our committed attention to an evolving market make us the best choice to achieve your desired outcomes.

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  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud
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  • Rapidly take your organization to the future of enterprise technology with an acceleration package for SAP S/4HANA Cloud* that enables quick and optimized adoption of a next-generation ERP solution.
  • Effortlessly optimize your procurement and supply chain processes with a customized implementation plan for SAP Ariba, offering a cohesive and economical approach tailored specifically to your organization's distinct requirements.
  • Elevate your human capital management by leveraging a tailored adoption package for SAP SuccessFactors. Our approach ensures a swift and optimized implementation, aligning your HR processes with the future of enterprise technology.
  • Our experience spans over 15 SAP migrations to AWS. Whether you want to evaluate, migrate, or seek support for the management of SAP on AWS, we are here to help you reinvent your SAP infrastructure with AWS.
  • - Customer Experience Solutions
    - SAP Concur
    - SAP Analytics Cloud
    - Winshuttle
    - VOQUZ
    - CBS

We are NBTeam

At NBTeam Consulting, we empower businesses through innovative IT solutions.


Our seasoned consultants navigate digital transformation, delivering tailored solutions for operational excellence and competitive advantage.


With a client-centric approach and industry-specific expertise, we are your trusted partner for sustainable business growth through technology.


Over 32 companies across 9 countries trust NBTeam's expertise to support their operations.

We're specialists because that's all we do.

What our clients say

Pablo Martinez

Senior VP - Hyundai of Puerto Rico

The great differentiator of NBTeam vs. other companies is that they are committed to the customer and are always seeing where something additional can be done to get an extra benefit for the company.
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