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SAP Implementation

Our professionals are here to guide you

Quick, painless, easy, and stress free.

Taking a grasp of the future shouldn’t be a painful process, this is why we offer you the best team of certified experts ready to guide your company through all the phases of SAP implementation.


NBTeam is a certified SAP Gold Channel Partner and has been recognized by SAP for their outstanding customer service  and performance,


Starting your implementation is easy

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12 weeks, no trauma.

"After implementing SAP we are more efficient, not only financially, but from the point of view of planning and operations. NBTeam has the knowledge to make operations flow focused in the automotive industry what makes them unique, and they implemented SAP in just 12 weeks, a world-class ERP system to perform the operations of the company, without incurring in operational disruption".

Pablo Martínez

Assistant Vice President Business Planning and Control

Hyundai Puerto Rico



Starting your Implementation is easy

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