Simplify the transformation of your business

into an Intelligent Enterprise,

on your terms and on your times.



¿What is RISE with SAP®? 

RISE with SAP® offers a route to transforming your business into an intelligent enterprise, with simplified engagement to remove complexity and a guided journey through the process on your terms and your timeline. This translates into a faster time to premier value and the adaptability you need without a significant up-front expense.

RISE with SAP® bundles the solutions and services you need for true business transformation, regardless of where your company stands now or where you want it to go.
It's SAP and an entire ecosystem of partners helping you outline your conversion on your terms and your timeline.

Your path. Your decision.


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Master The Future  

Mastering uncertainty has become the latest competitive edge in today's increasingly complex and rapidly evolving business environment. Agility, resilience, and anticipation are the future currency of success. Companies have recognized the value of being more intelligent, more flexible, and more agile.
Only an intelligent enterprise is equipped to thrive. Yet, for too many firms, the path to achieving digital transformation remains elusive. RISE with SAP introduces a new way of working with an all-in-one solution that will allow you to achieve that goal on your terms and timeline.

Todos icon colorInclusive

  • SAP ERP customers
  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud customers
  • New clients


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  • Simplified interaction
  • Guided path
  • Maximum value 

Nuevo flexibleHyperflexible

  • At your own speed
  • To the destination of your choice
  • With the infrastructure of your choice

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Your transformation to an intelligent enterprise RISE with SAP puts together the tools, guidance, and support systems your company needs to face the future in a single package.


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It is understandable to think that achieving such a feat could be considered daunting. It is precisely for this reason that SAP's offering, the first of its kind for the transformation of the business as a service (BTaaS), seeks to simplify, demystify and accelerate the process.

By bringing together and making mobile the best of their people, skills, and expertise in the industrial and technology fields, RISE with SAP breaks new grounds to provide businesses with a cohesive strategy to chart their own course to becoming an intelligent company at the pace they choose.

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A "Concierge Service" for the intelligent enterprise  

Recently described as the first "smart enterprise concierge service," RISE with SAP facilitates that transition like never before. It brings together the tools, guidance, and support systems required to make it genuinely future-proof under one roof. What's more, it empowers you to chart your own unique course in the way that works best for you - regardless of whether you are currently using a legacy ERP, implementing the on-premises edition of SAP S / 4HANA®, or just starting your ERP journey.



"Rise with SAP is the change you deserve. It is your journey. It is your decision. Your destination. And there we go together." Christian Klein, Global CEO of SAP. 





Simple, optimized, and compatible

RISE with SAP combines the tools needed for deep core business transformation with migration to SAP S / 4HANA Cloud into a unified, comprehensive package that eliminates complexity. This results in a single offer, in a single contract, with a single company responsible for the level agreement.

Flexible, versatile, and inclusive

RISE with SAP allows you to complement, extend and integrate any other solution (from SAP, partners, or third parties) and take advantage of the data model and services of the SAP Business Technology Platform® to connect everything. You can select the infrastructure that best meets your needs without being stuck in a single IaaS provider to manage data or systems.

Guided journey

RISE with SAP guides you at every step of the way, providing you with a comprehensive set of tools, including discovery reports, readiness checks, personalized training, training materials, and Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement (CPEA) credits. We leverage SAP's entire business ecosystem of supplier networks, logistics, and asset intelligence to help you.


RISE with SAP takes the hassle, stress, and complexity out of the business transformation experience, getting you where you need to go.

You'll get:

  • A future-proof business capable of handling tomorrow's changes.
  • Acceleration of results with a quick value obtainment.
  • 20% less TCO than traditional on-premises ERP implementations - including one-time migration cost over five years–.1

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As the global pandemic continues to disrupt legacy business models and expose supply chain fragilities, digital technologies have been leveling the playing field, allowing newcomers to outpace long-time incumbents. Confronted with such a volatile and challenging operating environment, companies find they must react to the unexpected more intelligently and swiftly than ever. According to KPMG, 72% of companies have now resorted to disrupting their own industries to survive.

However, becoming an intelligent company requires much more than just redesigning business processes and adopting innovative technology and technical migration. Critical decisions need to be made about which ERP customizations to keep. It involves charting a single course that takes advantage of both the economics of hyper scalers (AWS®, Azure®, and Google Cloud®) and the benefits of the cloud. It requires a complete mindset change and the rethinking of the corporate culture of an organization. Are you ready to change and start the journey to turn your business into an intelligent enterprise? 


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