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Next Generation Intelligent ERP Software. 



What is SAP S 4/HANA?

It’s an intelligent ERP solution that enables companies to capture every opportunity in today’s digital world, SAP S/4HANA removes common obstacles associated with legacy ERP applications, such as batch latency, complex landscapes, and manually-driven processes.

Designed specifically for in-memory computing, SAP S / 4HANA offers a customized consumer-grade experience.

Regardless of the size of your industry or business, SAP S / 4HANA can help you drive instant value across all lines of business.


Key Benefits

  • Offer a user experience for the Digital Age

Provide an award-winning user experience across the entire organization, including a context-aware, business-savvy digital assistant.

  • Automate tasks

Add automation to key functions and signal users when input is required with intelligent functionality and learning capabilities.

  • Run next-generation processes

Unlock new business value with the latest innovations so your employees can make better decisions, faster.

  • Digitize your finance processes

Understand financial performance in real time, so you can optimize finance processes – from planning and analysis to period end close and treasury management

  • Take control of your supply chain

Increase visibility and agility across your digital supply chain by leveraging machine learning for logistics, manufacturing, and asset management.

  • Stay ahead of your procurement needs

Use intelligent applications with machine learning to improve supplier management, streamline purchasing, and deploy collaborative sourcing and contract management.

  • Manage product lifecycles more effectively

Develop a fully-aligned product portfolio that allows you to manage lifecycles, control production costs, and deploy resources effectively from across your organization and beyond.

  • Achieve insights across your business

Get a complete picture of operations and use customer insights to help marketing, sales, and service teams work more productively, grow revenue, and accelerate opportunities.

  • Develop industry-specific functionality

Meet the specific needs of your individual organization by customizing your core system without the typical challenges of integration and custom coding.


10 Reasons Why SAP S/4HANA. 

      1. Improve order fulfillment by 25%.

Visualize and optimize the entire sales process from prospect to payment. Leverage in-depth insight into the start-to-finish sales cycle, paired with real-time inventory tracking, to drive improvements in on-time order fulfillment while simultaneously reducing the amount of stock inventory held on hand by 30%.

      2. Increase customer satisfaction by 20%.

On-time order fulfillment, enhanced service, personalized products delivered in a lot size of one, and lower defects all contribute to as much as 20% higher customer satisfaction levels and repeat business.

      3. Reduce manufacturing error rates by 20%.

Utilizing SAP S/4HANA in your manufacturing environment will reduce the manual effort related to rework in manufacturing because of incorrect or incompatible product configurations. This can lower your production costs by 20% and drive a greater volume of product to market.

      4. Reduce procurement costs by 15%.

Supply chain productivity can be increased by 15% with SAP S/4HANA by leveraging discount options on early payment, reducing worker acquisition time by one-third, and maximizing your inventory ordering and raw material tracking in real time.

      5. Respond to market fluctuations faster than ever.

Produce new products catering to the latest in consumer trends while expediting time to market, or enter new markets based on suggestions from predictive analytics.

      6. Streamline your supply chain by 12%.

SAP S/4HANA lets you integrate your entire supply chain and realize a 12% reduction in the number of days in inventory. This means a reduction in stock-outs, and a simplified landscape yielding a logistics cost savings of up to 10%.

      7. Anytime, anywhere access.

SAP S/4HANA utilizes SAP’s award-winning SAP Fiori user interface. This means Advanced Available to Promise checks and back-order processing, leading to improved order fulfillment capabilities and instant insight from any device, anywhere.

      8. Improve your manufacturing cycle time by 10%.

Live inventory data combined with drastically reduced MRP processing times allows for a more transparent and responsive exception-based working approach, improving manufacturing cycle time by 10% while enhancing planning accuracy.

      9. Reduce capital requirements by 35%.

A live business with a single source of the truth allows you to transform your finance department by eliminating forecasting errors, reducing unnecessary capital requirements by 35%, and creating a 40% improvement in invoice processing productivity.

      10. Reduce unplanned downtime by 10%.

Decrease unplanned asset downtime by 10% while improving asset management FTE production in your enterprise.


Deliver the ultimate experience.

Predict and act, in real time, to enable new standards of excellence.s4hana image 2

  • Provide real-time product availability as your customers order.
  • Streamline your supply chain with live material requirements planning and real-time purchase requisitioning.
  • Predict delivery delays then minimize the impact with intelligent remediation.
  • Address financial and corporate reporting requirements with up-to-the-minute, forward looking analytics.

Unlock new levels of performance across your organization.s4hana image

Simplify decisions and automate business processes.

  • Automate accounts receivable and accounts payable with continuously-improving processes based on artificial intelligence.
  • Replenish stocks with intelligent, demand-driven automation.
  • Make better decisions, faster, with real-time predictive insights for every employee.
  • Gain a clear picture of your entire business with simplified and automated group-wide financial close.

SAP S / 4HANA Capabilities

SAP S / 4HANA provides next-generation processes that connect and orchestrate your entire business, taking advantage of artificial intelligence so every employee can make smarter decisions, faster.



Learn how SAP S / 4HANA can help enable subscription-based revenue models, simplify accounting and financial close processes, improve treasury and financial risk processes, support collaborative finance operations, simplify real-estate management and more.

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Supply chain

Provide more accurate commitment dates, integrate transportation management, streamline warehouse management, optimize inventory levels and processes, and more.

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Learn how SAP S / 4HANA can help you improve production planning, support complex assembly processes, accelerate operations, support seamless manufacturing engineering, enhance quality management, and more.

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R&D and Engineering

Improve project control and product development, manage enterprise projects effectively, streamline product life cycle management, speed up product engineering processes, boost efficiency with requirement-driven processes, and more.

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Learn how SAP S / 4HANA for sales can help your company maximize revenue with order and contract management, drive and manage sales performance, support your sales force and sales managers, and more.

Professional Services

Learn how SAP S / 4HANA for professional services can help your company optimize engagement profitability, assess staffing levels, simplify time entry, enforce limits on time and expense billing, reimagine bid management, streamline quote to cash, and more.


Gain in-depth purchasing insights, streamline operational purchasing, automate sourcing and contract management, centralize procurement processes, manage commodity procurement, effectively reduce supply chain risk, and more.

And More...

Learn how SAP S / 4HANA can help your company simplify asset operations and maintenance, manage environment, health, and safety risks, maintain service agreements, provide customer-oriented services, streamline service parts management, and streamline core HR and payroll processes.

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