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Let's keep IT simple!


Our story


What brought us together

“We need to make IT simple" was the idea that brought together a group of young computer science entrepreneurs back in 2005. 

They realized that something was missing in the corporate world: a natural and approachable way for the companies to make the SAP solutions work for them without having to worry about implementation, technical issues, and constant upgrades so that they could focus on their business. 

Based on that, they put together their knowledge of what SAP solutions could do for businesses and a customer-centered approach and create NBTeam, an IT consulting company conceived with the goal of providing their clients with the solutions they need in the most effortlessly and cost-effectively way.

Today, they’re proud to have contributed to the success of several companies and keep adding to their portfolio new tools and solutions that help businesses keep up with the ever-changing –and always demanding- world. 

Headquartered in the US, and with offices in Latin America and Europe, NBTeam of 100+ passionate, talented and highly-trained professionals are ready to assist you with all of your company needs regarding the evaluation of design, implementation, Go-Live, and ongoing support of SAP S/4HANA, SuccessFactors, Ariba, HubSpot, and AWS, and now, also SAP Concur. 

Because even if the times have changed and we’ve evolved, our primary goal remains the same and makes NBTeam your ideal SAP Solutions partner.

Awards and recognitions

What make us proud



In NBTeam we’re proud to say that more than 15 years of successful relationships have made us the recipients of:

  • SAP recognition as “Partner with the most certified consultants”
  • SAP Best Aligned Service Partner in the Caribbean
  • Best Selling SAP® Partner in the Caribbean
  • Certified SAP PCoE Partner for ten years in a row
  • Customer recognition as a certified SAP® Partner in the Caribbean with 100% of successful implementations and zero escalations. 


Our managing partners

Who brought us together


Sasha Nunes


A Visionary entrepreneur and investor with more than 19 years of experience, he’s a consultant, project leader and manager, and a proud sponsor of new implementations with extensive expertise in wholesale and distribution, automotive, 3PL, retail, and telecommunications.


Mario Santaniello


+ 30 years of experience in information technology consulting, including construction, manufacture, retail, energy, oil and gas, utilities, cross industry. In charge of influencing corporate activities of customer relations in call centers, sales, marketing, user interface, finance (billing), fulfillment and post-sale support.


Darwin Palacios


Driven entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience playing key roles in SAP implementations. He oversees strategy, governance, corporate development, finance and administration, including data protection & privacy.


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