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3 min read

Protecting Your Eyes During a Solar Eclipse

Learn how to safeguard your eyes during a solar eclipse to prevent damage and enjoy this natural phenomenon safely.


3 min read

Optimizing Java and JavaScript Development with SAP Build Code

Explore how SAP Build Code, a generative AI-based code development tool, optimizes Java and JavaScript development on...

3 min read

When thinking about Digital Transformation, let’s start with Cloud Migration.

Digital transformation has been a hot topic for nearly two decades, but the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need...

2 min read

How HR Transformation Is Changing in a New Hybrid Era

Most executives have a positive outlook on how their digital transformation plans can affect their business prospects....

1 min read

Working Smarter, Not Harder: How to Maximize American Rescue Plan Act Funding-Higher Education

Higher education institutions have always had to be resourceful, but the global pandemic increased this pressure on...

4 min read

Will One of New York's Future Tallest Also Be Its Greenest?

The $3.1-billion One Vanderbilt commercial office tower that will rise to an expected 1,401 ft across the street from...

4 min read

HPE and SAP partner to deliver SAP/4 HANA with GreenLake cloud services

SAP Senior Vice President Clay Caldwell expects the new customer edition of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud on Hewlett...

5 min read

How is HXM leading the way to a new era in Human Resource Management?

As organizational processes are dynamic, so is SAP. Human experience management (HXM) is presented as an HR solution,...

3 min read

Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Invest In Human Resources

Human resource departments have ever-expandingresponsibilities and priorities amid the pandemic. Yet, investing in...