SAP SuccessFactors

Keep up with the rapid changes in business and the workforce with a flexible and cloud-based Human Resources information system. Built for modern, global workforces, SAP SuccessFactors can help you automate core HR processes, offer intuitive self-service for employees, time control, absences and much more.




What is SAP SuccesFactors?

Put people at the heart of your HR transformation – and improve the employee experience – with SAP SuccessFactors. This industry-leading cloud human capital management (HCM) suite uses the latest technologies to help you win the war for top talent, connect people to purpose, and drive results across your business.


The SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite includes a complete set of tightly integrated talent management solutions, robust workforce analytics and planning, plus a next generation core HR solution. SAP SuccessFactors HCM Software is the most adopted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business software in the world.



Core HR and Payrollhrssf

Streamline core human resources and payroll for business transformation
Define and execute successful people strategies and provide information and services that add value for all stakeholders across HR and the business.

Consolidate and streamline core human resources (HR) and payroll processes with a cloud-based, global solution for the total workforce. HR organizations can define and execute better people strategies, provide actionable insight, and focus on value-add activities that support the business. Streamline global HR operations and ensure legal and corporate compliance at the local level for better business results.

  • Organizational Management.
  • People and Transactions.
  • Payroll Processing.
  • HR Shared Services.
  • External Workforce Management.




Time and Attendance Management


Time and attendance in the cloud to improve workforce performance.
Transform the work experience to meet your business ’unique needs by integrating time and attendance with a complete workforce management solution.

Enable self-service absence management for all stakeholders on any device. With the SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Time Management application, you can plan, record, and approve all types of absences efficiently; Comply with global corporate, collective, and legal agreements; and fully automate and accelerate absence management processes.

  • Cloud deployment.
  • Absence management and time tracking.
  • Real-time insights incorporated into HR suite.
  • Self-service access to all information from anywhere.



Recruiting and Onboardingrecruitingssf

Reinvent talent acquisition and onboard the world’s best candidates
Recruit and onboard top talent with purpose. Our applicant tracking software (ATS) and automation tools can help you source, assess, select, and engage candidates faster - and help them succeed before day one.

SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting

Employ and engage the right talent with a solution that provides metrics and guidance at every step of the recruitment process - from sourcing and candidate experience to applicant tracking. Centrally manage recruiting, adopt comprehensive best practices, and post jobs to over 4,000 sources, including social media networks.

  • Cloud deployment.
  • Global job distribution.
  • Responsive career site and mobile applications.
  • Flexible applicant management.
  • Recruitment analytics.

SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding

Make employee onboarding a part of your overall talent strategy by empowering new hires and internal hires to ramp up and contribute to corporate goals quickly. Provide engaging, meaningful experiences that are aligned with learning, goal setting, recruiting, and core HR processes to improve talent retention.

  • Cloud deployment.
  • Mobile new hire paperwork.
  • Pre-day one engagement.
  • Crossboarding internal transfers.
  • Offboarding exiting employees.





Learning and Developmentleasrningssf

Improve training and talent management for all employees
Inspire a culture of continuous and collaborative learning. Our solutions - including a market-leading learning management system (LMS) - can help you offer everything from personalized training and e-learning to professional development and succession planning.

Improve productivity and business outcomes with our cloud-based learning management system (LMS). Use it to develop strong leadership, ensure compliance, and train all your people - including external workers.

  • Cloud deployment.
  • Employee skills development.
  • Certification management.
  • Internal and external learning.



Performance and Compensationperfomancessf

Put employee performance at the center of your strategy with SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goals. Give team members the direction, feedback, and recognition they need to succeed today - and accurately evaluate past performance to improve results going forward.



SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goals

Cultivate an all-in workforce - and sustainable advantage - with our performance software.

Empower managers to set cascading goals and see individual, team, or company-wide progress. Foster continuous improvements with interactive employee evaluations.

  • Cloud deployment.
  • Mobile goal management aligned with business objectives
  • Continuous coaching and feedback.
  • Unbiased assessments and appraisals.

SAP SuccessFactors Compensation

Attract, recognize, and retain highly skilled, diverse, and global workers - with our compensation software. Adopt a strategic approach guided by built-in metrics and analytics. And easily plan and adjust base and variable pay to company guidelines.

  • Cloud deployment.
  • Optimized budgets.
  • Rewards and recognition.
  • Pay-for-performance culture.

Workforce Planning and Analytics analyticsssf

Holistically manage your total workforce: a game-changer
Organizations that put their people, including external workers, at the heart of intelligent transformation - improve overall business outcomes.

Drive performance and results with smart workforce planning and analytics
Make faster, more informed business and people decisions with our human resource (HR) analytics and workforce planning tools. Leverage advanced embedded intelligence and insight into all HR processes from recruiting to retention to make smart decisions that support business strategy.

View and assess your workforce – and mitigate the risk of talent gaps in critical job roles – with SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Planning tools. Accurately forecast talent supply and demand, create what-if scenarios, build financial models – and ensure you always have the right people with the right skills at the right time and cost.



SAP ERP HCM On-Premise hcmerpssf

Empower and manage your workforce by automating, streamlining, and extending your HR processes with the core HR functionalities of SAP ERP on-premise.

Enable and manage your global workforce with solutions for your core HR processes, including time and attendance and payroll.

  • On-premise deployment.
  • Global HR governance.
  • Full compliance with local and global HR regulations.
  • Measurable workforce productivity metrics.



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